Suan Lum Night Bazaar is a popular outdoor market in Bangkok. Close to Lumphini Park and Patphong, it first opened in 2001.On the other side of the market's curious Khmer-looking temple walkway is a large outdoor beer garden, food court, and concert venue all rolled into one.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar is the ideal place for shoppers paradise, but as at any large market you have to do the leg work to be able to separate the junk from the gems.Suan Lum is a unique shopping experience in every sense of the word. This is true not only of the goods to be found, but the entire process of buying from an independent trader defies the whole super-brand culture we have become so accustomed too.
The Night Bazaar is not all about shopping till you drop (although for most people it is). Alternatives include slipping off to enjoy a relaxing massage in an air-conditioned room, taking in a beer and a bite to eat or even a traditional Thai puppet show for those seeking some traditional culture