Sunthorn Phu (or Sunthon Phu1786-1855) is Thailand's best-known poet. His most popular single work is the 30,000-line epic Phra Aphai Mani. His common name is from a part of his Royal given name Phra Sunthorn Vohara (พระสุนทรโวหาร), combined with his birth name, Phu.

He was born during the king I of Ratanakosin Era.He was behind the palace where the Bangkok - noi train station . His father and his mother divorced, and then his father became a monk at Bangrum temple and He had an opportunity to work in the palace with his father. He felt in love her name is Jun. When the king died they were pardoned. Sunthorn Phu went to visit his father who lived in Rayong province. While he was returning to Rayong he wrote a poem called "Nirat Muang Grang " which became one of his most famous poems .before becoming an alcoholic, being left by his wife, and, around 1821, being jailed after a fight. The couple was not married long. After Sunthorn Phu's love affair with another woman, the couple divorced and went their separate ways. This was the first of many marriages ending in divorce. The wife whom he loves the most was Jun.

During Rama II era, the king was very pleased with Sunthorn Phu.King Rama IV's princess read his poems called "Phra Apai Manee ". He was very pleased and she asked him to finish the poem. The King Rama IV promoted him to Phra Sunthorn Voharn. He spent the rest of life at peace until he died in 1855. He left behind a legacy of poems that have become famous over time because they describe Thai history. Thai people now study his poems to learn about the history of their country. His poetic works were honored by UNESCO.