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Student visa with thai language school

Learn Thai language with Education Student visa 23,000baht for a year.Our Thai language school is licensed by the Ministry of Education to teach Thai. Students at our school will receive an Education visa. After that you could stay Thailand more than a year. all nationalities qualify. The Ministry of Education does not make any distinction among the students coming from different countries.We are applying for this kind of visa for our students on a regular basis, thus we have a lot of experience. Our school is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education as providing education to international students and promoting Thai language and culture.

Original Thai language method

Our method has been used for 15 years. You don't have to worry for those who have never learned Thai language before. For the level 1-4 for will focus on speaking skills. The students can be expected to learn approximately 250-350 words of vocabulary, this will include: first time introductions, ordering food and drinks, transportation and going places, about the family, health, body and mind, days, months, numbers plus much more.For the book in level 5-8, you will learn how to read in very short time by seeing the Thai alphabet. When you can recognize the words then you will pick up Thai effortlessly simply by reading street signs, menus, product labels, etc.

About TLS Thai language school

Our school has been for teaching Thai school for 15 years. "Everyone can enjoy learning Thai language." We believe that you will learn Thai only if you speak and listen it. We offer Thai courses from beginner level to advanced level. As well as private and semi-private courses. Our teachers are experienced, dedicated and ready to guide you all the way to being able to communicate with confidence in Thai.

Thai language consonants

The language of Thailand is one of most ancient of languages in the East and the South Eastern part of Asia. It is comprised of 44 consonants, 32 vowels. It is monosyllabic and uses the five basic tones of high, mid, low, rising, and falling tone to change the meaning of a single syllable. It is this particular aspect that makes it a difficult language for most Westerners to master but learning it is helpful never the less. The Thai language is both the national and the official language of Thailand and it is also the mother tongue of the local people.