Phobia 2 ( 3 )

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"Salvage," the fourth short, it is about the protagonist's fanatical search for her missing son and her being haunted by ghosts of the people who died in the cars that end up in her used automobile business.

"In the End," the last short, departs from the rest of the pack with a comical, reality-bending story that commands laughter more than sends chills down the spine. On the filming set of a fictional sequel to a popular real-life horror flick, Marsha Wattanapanit, lead actress of that real-life prequel, plays herself acting opposite an aspiring actress who dies while playing a ghost character (but returns to finish her part). Messy but funny, the plot traverses through so many twists and turns that it wittily echoes what the actor playing the director character in the short muses at one point: how the hell is he going to finish the film? Needless to say, the end is not predictable.

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