Giant Swing

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When tourists comes to Bangkok or Rattanakosin. A lot of Thai and foreigners should think. Specifically, whether the historic Royal Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, etc..
But there is one thing. Many people may be familiar as well. When the mind is that Bangkok towers swing.

Swing pillars located next Sutasns heavenly temple that Ram Bora. Swing is a large antenna. Truss head both towers. Beautifully carved. All painted red cinnabar. Based on the large stones. Swing the antenna height 21 m diameter circular base approximately 10.50 meters set a base radio base Patms clean white stone. Background on the red clay tiled stairs with 2 stage and 2 along the curve of the base contact history table towers swing. Wood core and dual antennas, antenna towers are tall and thin 2 pairs ornamental knob. All made with teak wood turning round. Krahag wood and wood gusset design is Thai. Install lightning rod from the top down design Krahag soil. Fine Arts Department has announced the registration key pillars of national historic swing is on November 22 BC 2492. Until the antenna is removable swing down and restored 222 years old.

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