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Sweet Sticky Candy or Kalamae in Thai. Kalamae organized a Thai dessert types do not bother with how difficult. Available local raw materials in a delicious sweet taste can be sweet and edible longer. Kalamae very popular. ... This candy that has its origin from France ... We are Thai people prepare to help stir kalamae place for make a gift for older people in Thai New Year or water festival.


* 1 kg of sticky rice flour
* 15 cups of coconut milk
* 3 burned coconut coir
* 10 cups of palm sugar
* 1 g of sesame
* Artificial food color
* little oil for sprinkle on tray


1. Pound burned cococut coir then mix it with 10 cups of water and then filter it with white and thin fabric. You will get black color from nature but if you cannot find and burn coconut coir you can use artificial food color instead.
2. Knead sticky rice flour with black water, knead it until it mix well then add coconut milk and sugar, stir it until it mix well again.
3. Put ingredients no.2 to brass pan and put it on fire, use medium heat. Paddle it until it sticky and start to mix well then turn off fire but still continue paddle until it's not sticky with pan.
4. Put it to tray, sprinkle with sesame and let it cool or you can wrap it like candy also.

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