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Thai food is always associated with chillies and the hottest Thai Chili of all is the Prik Kee Noo Chili. Prik Kee Noo chillies are small in size, ranging from 0.5 to 5cm long but pack a mighty punch. Prik Kee Noo literally means 'Mouse Droppings Chili'

The Kind of Chili in Thailand

1. Bird chili (Prik Ki Noo)
It has both green and red everyone give a nickname to it "bantam chili" because of its small shape but very very hot and spicy. Do you believe superman can cry!!. Bird chili often put to papaya salad (Som Tam) and sometime put it on side dishes with sago ( Sa Koo Sai Moo).

2. Dried chili (Prik Hang)
Dry chili is bird chili that dried by the sun, it has good smell and proper to make chili sauce and put it on side dishes with Thai rice noodle. Sometimes we spinning it as chili powder and use it for season in noodle.

3. Sweet chili (Prik Whan)
Sweet chili or jumbo chili, like its shape. It has 3 color ; green, red and yellow. Taste of sweet chili is little spicy so we often eat with vegetable salad or fried it like tempura. With the colorful of it, make it more appetizing.

4. Large chili (Prik Chee Fah)
Large chili has native land in tropical area of America, its shape round-long and sharp tail. It has many colors ; green, red and orange. We often use it in fired rice because it has little spicy and sometimes we grill it for make chili sauce, it has good smell. Before use it should core its seed.

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