GUAVA (Farang)

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The word "farang" in Thai means foreigner and gives it away that guava is not a native species. Indigenous to tropical America, it was brought into the kingdom by traders in the 17th century. Guava is grown primarily in the Central Plains and is available all year round.

Crunchy raw guava is served with a dry salt-and-granulated sugar dip seasoned with crushed chilli called prik kab kleua or a savoury chilli dip prepared by blending palm sugar with fish sauce heated to a caramel-like consistency called nam pla wan.

The creative use of guava is gaining popularity and is frequently used as an alternative to papaya in Som Tam - the papaya salad and in Thai salads or yam.

Preparation and eating

1.Use a knife to slice the fruit lengthwise into 4-6 pieces.
2.Slice off the part containing the seeds.
3.Use a fork to eat.

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