Pattaya Floating Market

Thai language station bangkok

Bangkok thai language school at silom

Entrance of the Floating Region 4 model, type of work is measured in the past. Map of the floating markets look to form the map of Thailand. Tourists have to start walking from north to south, even the end.

Allow people to experience the Thai way of life, so simulation is very simple Thai. People have to learn the traditional way of sufficient commitment from the river past Passed on to the present. Including learning folk wisdom with the fascinating charm in 4 regions of Thailand including North, Center, Northeast and South.
Also realize that should bring the best of the 4 regions combined outstanding together. Has become. "Floating the 4 regions," cultural attractions. Source of artistic and cultural products in 4 different regions of Thailand took combined together perfectly.
Floating four sectors. Will open daily from 10.00 to 24.00 pm, but for Saturday - Sunday will be displayed in each region of the arch to the various visitors to watch.

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