Phu Kradueng National Park

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Phu Kradueng National Park, situated in Si Than Sub-district, Phu Kradueng District, Loei Province, has been designated as the 2nd national park of Thailand on November, 23, 1962. It covers an area of 348.12 Kilometers (217,575 rai) with 60 Kilometers (37,500 rai) of plateau on the top of mountain.
The elevation of Phu Kradueng is between 400-1,200 meters with the summit point of 1,316 meters at Khok Moei. In general, Phu Kradueng is the sandstone mountain consisting of an abundance of flora and fauna and the fullness of cliffs, savanna, streams and waterfalls other than that it is still the head watershed of Lam Nam Phong River which is one lf the most important rivers in Northeastern Thailand.

Phu Kradung is a sandstone mountain with a vast plateau on top, surrounded by smaller hills. The highest peak is 1,316m above sea level. It is the watershed for the Pong River, which feeds the reservoir of Ubonrat Dam and Nong Wai Dam in Khon Kaen Province. The plateau of Phu Kradung is composed of pine forest and grassland, which have a variety of flowers, creeks, waterfalls and rocky fields. These features make in the park most pleasant.
Phu Kradung is a cool and comfortable all year round. The average temperature is 15 degrees celsius. In the cool season, temperatures of the coldest nights reaches feezing. In the rainy season, the weather can change quicky. Fog and low clouds tend to hang low over the landscape. Cliffs may collapse under their own weight after the soil which underlies the sandstone cap is eroded by heavy rain. Heavy rains can also cause flash floods in the streams which run down the mountain. Thus, the park will be closed during June and September every year for visitors safety and forest recovering.

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