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The Thai Bangkaew Dog is compactly built and square in profile. It is well proportioned, with a smooth gait. The double coat consists of a short undercoat, with longer guard hairs growing through it forming the outer coat. The coat is thicker and longer around the neck, chest, and back forming a lion-like ruff, which is more noticeable on dogs than on bitches. The plumed tail is carried with moderate upward curve over the back. The TBD comes in white with shades of red, gray, brown, and black in a wide variety of patterns.

Water monitor a large species of monitor lizard that Thai people hate. Everyone don't like them,don't like their havior, and don't like thier name.

The coat is an ochre-brown colour, although adult males generally darken with age. The young are spotted with white freckles, and reminiscent faint spots may be visible in the summer coat of adults. There is a darker band running down the spine. Built as a creeper, the hog deer has relatively short legs and a stocky figure which is lower in the front than the back. The face is short and wedge-shaped. Males bear three-tined antlers, mounted on short pedicels on the forehead, which may grow up to 60 cm / 24 inches in length.

Some farmers say that a machine is good as it is fast, can plough deep, doesn't need to rest. Buffaloes need to be watched after rice growing season as they may wander in other farmers paddy fields.

The "PLA BEUK" is a big fish up to 3 meters and with a weight up to 300 kg.The fish can be found in the Mekong river. Since a few years, the fish can now be bred.