The coat is an ochre-brown colour, although adult males generally darken with age. The young are spotted with white freckles, and reminiscent faint spots may be visible in the summer coat of adults. There is a darker band running down the spine. Built as a creeper, the hog deer has relatively short legs and a stocky figure which is lower in the front than the back. The face is short and wedge-shaped. Males bear three-tined antlers, mounted on short pedicels on the forehead, which may grow up to 60 cm / 24 inches in length.

Scientific name: Cervus porcinus.

A medium-sized deer. Approximately 140-150 cm in height, dark brown hair. Dimmed below the body than He is only the male side and 3 branches every year he turns the ball emerging a pattern of white polka dots will disappear when you grow up. Eyes moisten with tears all the time. Guangzhou is one of the most beautiful species.

Habitats, food
Found in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand found in the north. And Northeast. Not found in the South.
Eat grass, leaves and fruit.

Behavior, reproduction
Often found living in groups or as sparse forest grassland plains waterfront. List out living in the early evening. Ready to animal disasters. Stay alert. Males often fight each other savagely in the breeding season.
Deer start breeding when 2 years of age from 8 months pregnant for the 1st pup at a time.

Current status.
To protect wildlife. Copyright Act and protected wildlife in 2535 AD.

Place online.
Zoo opened his green Chiang Mai Zoo. Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo. Songkhla Zoo.

Wildlife reserve.