Thai cat the icon of Thailand

Thai cat is a cat that has local origins in Thailand. Features that make Thai cat over any other type of cat is Thai cats character is smart. Is known as one's own thoughts known courting love home ownership and above all, love of freedom itself is absolutely free to eat or drink will go anywhere as predilection. Which are considered character ID that is different from other cat species. Colors of the Thai cats. One factor that makes a cat lover feel comfortable at night to see whether the nine points are diamond white gold or white gem-free. Nilratns or free black. Supachai look or copper or roan breeding Thai Korat cat. All have different interest. From owners and enthusiasts of total.

In B.E. 2427 when The King Rama 5 has graciously cat diamond gold one to match. British Consulate said the name Kol Grand Owen (Owen Gould) is double the Thai cat cat contest winner in London and made the British more popular Thai party cat. Eventually spread throughout the world. Diamond and gold cat is known in English that "Siamese Cat" or Siamese cats.