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"Salvage," the fourth short, it is about the protagonist's fanatical search for her missing son and her being haunted by ghosts of the people who died in the cars that end up in her used automobile business.

"Ward," the second short, reiterates how frightening an empty hospital ward at night can be, especially when a hapless man recuperating from broken legs rests on a bed next to a brain-dead patient who comes alive (and vengeful) when no one else is around.

In Thai cinema's seemingly endless pool of ghost movies, Phobia 2, a collection of five separate short horror stories by five different directors, still manages to stand out as a freshly frightening film that entertains and terrifies its audience every minute of its runtime.

It's an age-old story retold: the love that isn't meant to be, the first impression that lasts a lifetime, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of love. But October Sonata, Somkiat Vituranit's heartbreaking romantic drama, is surprisingly fresh, retelling a familiar story of love and loss in Thailand 1970's era of passionate ideologies and student activism.

This movie is divided into four short story, each portrays the loves of teenagers, like Love Actually - all starring by recent Thai pop actors and actresses. With the appearance of Japanese adult video star, Sora Aoi who plays in a section in which a boy ,Hern, sets a surprise trip to celebrate his three-year love with his girlfriend.