Khan Kluay is the three-dimensional animation.A story that was inspired by some anecdote of antecedents.Animation is still a uniquely Thai.Khan Kluay is generated animation with computer techniques. Another part of Thailand. The earlier film is the animation technique is the Pang Pond
it is the first animation of Thai Sudsakorn is a two-dimensional animation.

Khan Kluay is the three-dimensional animation films created by Kantana animation. A story that was inspired by some anecdote of antecedents. That the nature of the elephant of King Naresuan the Great. After the ramp is curved. Like banana stalk. Name derivation is based. Hong Chao young conquest or formerly well. Chaopraya Chaiyanupap or Praypukaotong by a prince called Khan Kluay.
Khan Kluay is still unique animation of Thailand. Whether a landscape scene that is a Thai forest tree flowering conditions and traditions such as Thai elephants put those scenes bring Bansongtai. Show plants such as wood from Thailand , a national tree. In different seasons. As well as the beautiful yellow flower in the dry season. Loy Kratong Festival shows scenes such traditions.