One of the well known ghost in Thailand is "Mae Naak (or Nang Naak or Mae Naak Pha Ka Nong)".The story of her has been told from time by time and has been filmed to be a movie and a drama more than 20 times.

The story is about Naak's, who is a girl and then fall deeply in love with a guy named Maak, love story. After her marriage, Maak had gone to a military service unintentionally and left Naak even she was pregnant.During delivering a baby, Naak and her baby had passed away but they still waited for Maak.After Maak came back from the war,all of them lived together until one day.Maak saw Naak stretched her arms to pick up a fallen lime through the floorboard of elevated Thai traditional house to the ground.Then,he knew the truth and try to scape from Mae Naak.