It's an age-old story retold: the love that isn't meant to be, the first impression that lasts a lifetime, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of love. But October Sonata, Somkiat Vituranit's heartbreaking romantic drama, is surprisingly fresh, retelling a familiar story of love and loss in Thailand 1970's era of passionate ideologies and student activism.

The film opens with a chance encounter of Sangchan (Ratchawin Wongwiriya) and Rawee (Thanawat Wattanaput) at the funeral of Mitr Chaibancha, a legendary Thai actor. Rawee is furthering his studies abroad and the two lovers promise to meet up every October 8th at the same seaside resort they have spent their first and only night together. But fate plays a cruel joke, as the political upheaval of the 70's and the romantic feeling of Sangchan's friend Lim (Pisanu Nimsakul) toward her get in their way.