Thai Cultures一覧

Entrance of the Floating Region 4 model, type of work is measured in the past. Map of the floating markets look to form the map of Thailand. Tourists have to start walking from north to south, even the end.

When tourists comes to Bangkok or Rattanakosin. A lot of Thai and foreigners should think. Specifically, whether the historic Royal Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, etc..
But there is one thing. Many people may be familiar as well. When the mind is that Bangkok towers swing.

Nang Ta lung(or shadow puppets) is one of the most famous Thai traditional art in the south of Thailand.The story will be perform in south dialect's singing.

Thai people believe in doing everything in good day and good time. They usually arrange their celebration at the time that they confer with the monk or the adept.

Besides Thai food dishes,it's obvious to have beautiful fruit carving dishes after.