This is Pumpkin Pudding Dessert or "Khanom Fak Thong" in Thai. Thai dessert. Pumpkin is high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that improves cancer-protective properties. Also this vegetable is a great source of Vitamin A and potassium. For those with a sweet tooth, Thais have a wonderful dessert of pumpkin in coconut milk.


3 cups pumpkin, grated finely
1/2 cup coconut cream
1 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup tapioca flour
1/2 cup rice flour
1/2 tbsp arrowroot starch
1/4 cup sugar
1/8 tsp salt


Mix tapioca flour, rice flour and arrowroot starch together. Gradually add coconut cream, stir constantly until all the coconut cream is used up. It will take about 15 minutes.
Add sugar, pumpkin, salt and coconut milk, continue stirring until sugar and salt are all dissolved.
Pour the mixture into a baking pan, spread out evenly, steam over boiling water for 20-25 minutes or until done. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Cut into 2"x2" pieces.

Tip: Tapioca flour can be substituted by corn flour.