The outer husk of the Jackfruit is hard and spiny, green when the fruit is unripe, turning yellowish green when ripe.

Inside the Jackfruit are the sweet yellow tulip shaped pods which are divided into segments, each pod containing a hard light brown seed. The flesh of the fruit pod is soft but in some varieties can be crisp. When Jackfruit is ripe, it tastes somewhat like a cross between banana and pineapple. Ripe Jackfruit is normally eaten raw but if unripe can be used in curries like the Thai curry 'Kaeng Kanun'. The seeds can also be eaten in curries, either boiled or roasted and are sometimes eaten like chestnuts. As the Jackfruit ripens it emits a rather unpleasant odour which unfortunately tends to discourage some people from trying this wonderful fruit. Jackfruit can also be purchased frozen or canned, either unripe in brine or ripe in syrup.There are more Thai Dessert which use Jackfruit for example Ruam Mit, Lod Chong, Tab Tim Grob.