Mangosteen is famous for a tropical fruit. And it's called "Queen of fruits". It's because appearance of the sepal are installed. At the extreme end of the Queen's crown is similar in texture is white, clean. Is a very sweet taste. Delicious hard to find another fruit to match.

Mangosteen is a tropical evergreen tree. Perennial plant is 7-25 m. high trunk full effect to the claret tires single oval yellow leaves. Stiff leathery skin and leaves it not as a pair of fold out leaves near the end of branches. Sepal yellow green environment as a result affixed. The cortex is relatively strong. 4-6 cm in diameter with a white juicy flesh water. 3-5 cm diameter may have a grain in the meat was. Depending on the size and age of the results. Segment of the beef will equal the number of leaves at the bottom of the shell. The mangosteen is sweet flavors like sour environment Strawbridge Discovery Bay that have not matured or orange with a sweet corn flavor can not edible.