The provincial seal show a diamond on a mountain, as diamonds are found in the province. In the front are tobacco plants as one of the crops grown in the province.
The provincial tree is the Tamarind

Phetchabun is one of the northern provinces of Thailand. Phetchabun is located in the lower northern region of Thailand, in the area between the northern and the central region.
The province lies in the broad fertile river valley of the Pa Sak River, with mountains of the Phetchabun mountain range to the east and west. It is surrounded by places of interest, many well-known national parks, beautiful waterfalls and great lakes

During the period between 1968-1982 communist insurgents established their base in the mountains in this province. From hidden locations they fought occasional skirmishes against the Thai Army.
Today, Phetchabun is a province with rich tourism potential such as fascinating nature, prosperous history for more than 1,400 years and indigenous traditional ceremonies.

Khao Kho
It was designated to be " Little Switzerland" from many visitors, because of beautiful scenery and cool weather like Switzerland. It was once a battle field against communist insurgents conducted their struggles against the authorities. Its charming scenery and great weather allure tourists to see the mountain - top, army base turned into a museum, a Chedi containing a holy relic and enjoy trekking in the open zoo and non - hunting areas.

Nam Nao National Park
It is filled with pineries, glasslands and virgin jungles. Nam Nao Park is a huge conservation park where people can learn about plants, wild animals or outdoor activities. Visitors can touch with the great nature and a large number of wild animals closely with trekking. If not, Nam Noa is a paradise of people who love to watch the birds. It is habitat for more than 100 species of birds. The winter is the most popular season that a great deal of tourists usually come to visit because they can touch with the beautiful sea of frog and the alluring of the forest with many varieties of trees. The mountains and forests create a cooler climate in the park. The daytime, temperatures are very pleasant with an average annual temperature of 25 Degree Celsius. The coldest month is being November that temperature as low as 0 degree celsius among the frost and beautiful pineries.