Ko Kret is the most famous place in Pak Kret, and its most popular tourist target. On the island there are several temples (wat), such as Wat Poramai Yigawat, Wat Phailom, Wat Saotong Thong and Wat Chimphi, as well as the OTOP Village, which serves as a market for local products and souvenirs. Other attractions include the dessert shop (Ran Khun Aew), Kret Buddha Garden, and a small bar.

The easiest way to reach Ko Kret is to take the once-weekly Chao Phraya Express Ko Kret tour which leaves the Central Pier (BTS Saphan Taksin) every Sunday at 09:00 ,The cost of the cruise and guided tour is 300 baht Ko Kret is renowned above all as a center for kwan aman, a style of Mon pottery, which is fundamentally just baked unglazed red clay carved with intricate patterns. Prices for the simplest and smallest pots start from as low as 5 baht a piece, but can go up to hundreds or even thousands of baht for large ornate pieces. And Ko Kret is well known in Thai Dessert


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