Siam Niramit show the level of World Class Magic Show. Of entertainment filled with great beauty and magic of fun and provide valuable cultural arts. And traditions of the Thai new audience will be blown away with the great Possess the imagination and realism with an innovative magic with light and sound system scene picture perfect and the most advanced one of the world.

Siam Niramit invite you to join Travel back in time to the glorious country of Siam excited impressed with the path of culture and beautiful traditions of the people of Siam. Past and Present.

In Siam Niramit have many activities eg. Stroll to your home Thailand has the same four sectors. Thai Pagoda and base. Garden Pie with boat. Exposure atmosphere Thai rural life. Along the path to the local Thai style desserts to taste and see how fried eggs without oil machine watch Bai ceremony invitation morale. During console Visit the silk weaving and dyeing fabrics and how to make batik. How to watch movies Talung sheep.Then have a various outdoor amusement with Thai music and dance fun of people fond of outdoor Thai style.

Do not miss a great show of Siam Niramit. On largest high stage in the world's. The width to 65 meters deep and 40 meters high 12 meters of the scene. A shallower depth than the 100-dimensional scene with the magic of light and sound systems, Siam Niramit to see you back in time past. See the magnificent culture of the Siamese Historically.


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